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Learn How to Run Facebook Ads that are Profitable

Join our community of business owners who are learning how to use Facebook Ads to get a steady flow of paying customers and multiplying their profits.

The Social Media Marketing Academy Membership will grant you instant access to our online training videos that will take you step by step from a complete beginner to the point of running your own profitable ad campaigns.  

You will benefit from our Membership Program if you are:

  1. A business owner who wants to get new customers and has never invested in Facebook Ads.
  2. A business owner who is already running Facebook Ad but is not getting good results.
  3. A business owner who has invested in other types of publicity, such as newspaper ads, magazine, radio or TV ads, and would like to compare the benefits of Facebook Ads with other types of Ads.
  4. A business owner who has hired a social media marketing agency and wants to know if they are doing a good job.
  5. A business owner who wants to establish a social media marketing department for their business.
  6. A students who wants to start a Social Media Marketing Agency. To help busy business owners get new customers from Facebook Ads.

Why Our Members Love Us

Newbie Proof Instructions

We start from the very beginning. You can follow our videos step by step until you are comfortable enough to work on your own. You have access to these videos immediately you make your payment.

New Videos Monthly

We add new videos every month. We share all our tips and tricks with you as well as the results of our experiments. You also get other resources that we discover along the way at no extra cost to you.

Email support and Facebook Group

You have access to our private and closed Facebook Group. You also get support from our expert trainers and assistants via email and WhatsApp!

Here are some of the topics covered in the training videos

  1. What you must know before running your facebook ad
  2. How to create an ad that make people buy
  3. How to create your Facebook Page
  4. Choosing the right graphics for your Ad
  5. How to target the ideal customer
  6. Using Facebook Manager for your Ads
  7. And new videos every month!

We are committed not only to teaching you, we are committed to making sure you launch a winning ad campaign.


I'm Ready to Register!

What happens after you start your Membership and paid the fee?

  1. You get immediate access to our Online Facebook Marketing Course and all the videos that teach you step by step how to create Facebook Ads that make Profit.
  2. You can start asking questions from our team as you watch the training videos.
  3. You get access to our private Facebook Group.

You literally begin you course right away and you can change the direction of your business within the next 30 days!

What happens after my first month?

We know how good our program is. We are confident that you will gladly pay our regular membership of $14.99 (N5,500) to keep getting the high level of support and training that we offer.

If however for any reason you think this is not what you want at the moment, you can cancel your membership by yourself from the members area. 

We have set it up such that you don't even have to call us, email us. You simply go to your profile and cancel your membership. That is how much we trust our program.

If you follow our guides and tips you will be so happy you may even send us a gift!

Social Media Marketing Class

Learn how to get a steady stream of new customers from Facebook like a Pro!


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