Keep Building Your List of Potential Customers

Jan 17, 2019

Here are some of my best tips about building your list of potential customers!

1) Give away free content! A pdf report is still one of the best things to give way. Keep it short - 5 - 10 pages is alright. Business people usually do not have time for long-winded ramblings.

2) Make sure the title of your ebook solves a very clear problem. Don't make the mistake of giving away an ebook that is general. Make sure it solves a problem or it gives very useful tips. Here are a few Examples.

  • 4 simple but powerful ways to save on your taxes 
  • 5 things that will make any Facebook Ad a waste of Money
  • 7 quick tips for making your office look very classy 
  • 10 POP Ceiling Designs for your Palace 
  • 5 Steps to Capture your Story and Turn it into a Lucrative Business

3) Use an email marketing software to keep in touch with the people on your list. I think MailChimp is still the best. It's free for the first 2000 people on your list.

4) Use...

The Power of Facebook Lead Ads

Dec 11, 2018

Learn how a coach got new clients with Facebook Lead Ads!!!


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