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Social Media Marketing Academy (SMMA) is a Canadian Company started by Ade Sobanjo and Ademola Oladoja. Two Digital Marketers who have been running digital marketing campaigns for over 10years combined.

At SMMA our dream is to see small and medium sized business compete and do very well in the market. We have a dream to see 1,000 business double or triple their profits in 2019 and beyond. 

The advent of Social Media Marketing has changed the range of possibilities for business. You can now stay in a remote town of 2000 people and market your digital products to people in every major city in the world without breaking the bank. A start up company can produce a very specialized product and market it to people who have been buying a similar but more general product.

SMMA is determined to help as many Nigerian business get many more clients both locally and internationally.

Facebook Ads are still relatively inexpensive in (2019) but we expect it to keep getting more expensive and more strict with their conditions. Our goal is to harness all the benefits now and show our members how to do so while it is still relatively cheap.

Ade Sobanjo is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer by training. He started his first company in Montreal Canada in 2002. He connected with his friend and co-founder Ademola Oladoja in 2014 and together they started SMMA in 2018. 

Ade Sobanjo shuttles between Canada and Nigeria while Ademola Oladoja is based fully in Nigeria.

At SMMA we do not believe in mediocrity. We believe that the best marketing for any company is World Class Products. We delight is connecting people with First class solutions to their problems. We love doing it and we hope your product is First Class. Any product can become First Class with consistent effort and we are here to hold your hands as you solve some problems for more people daily.


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